Marriott Caribbean and Latin American Resorts #fitinparadise

As Sarah Fit and I continue our working relationship every week filming videos in Boston, I often get to sample some wonderful products as a result of working with her. This past summer I was fortunate enough to sample the greatest product of all, a two week tour of Marriott Caribbean and Latin America Resorts. 

For TWO glorious weeks, we flew, swam, ate, and paddle-boarded at some of the most beautiful properties in the Caribbean. Not to make it sound like all fun and games, because we did sweat our butts off shooting 16 videos for the #fitinparadise campaign collaboration with Marriott to highlight the healthy aspects of staying at their resort. Here's the overview: 

My favorite workout video, lizards included. 

My favorite lifestyle video has to be the upbeat and colorful 5 Ways to Eat a Mango we filmed at St. Kitts. 

Raina to the Rescue! Donate Now!

Recently I was fortunate enough to create a video for Raina to the Rescue! A toy that promotes and teaches leadership amongst girls. Mia and Marisa, the brains behind everything, and they have made a toy that I know can surely make a difference and that I hope makes it into girls hands across the world. And I'm not just saying that because they paid me to make their video. As a "bossy" girl myself in a male dominated field, I want nothing more than a few other women working alongside me. I love nerding out on camera gear and the latest adobe updates with the guys, but sometimes I wish I could do the same with a big equal group of guys and girls. Please watch the video and consider donating today on their indiegogo page

This is also the second video collaboration between myself and Melissa Maichle of Essentia Marketing and PR, check out her website

Eventbrite Britespace Boston!

Who is crazy enough to throw 15 events in 10 days with 20 business owners in one space in Boston's South End? The awesome Sara Steele-Rogers, Marketing Manager for Eventbrite Boston, who pulled the whole thing off without a hitch! I filmed 5 of the events, and interviewed their hosts as well as guests. I had a blast filming for Eventbrite and meeting the owners of Grillo's Pickles, Peak Organic, OmSeeker, Back Bar, Pollen Floral, Lauren Wells Events, and  Union Square Donuts.  I know I had a favorite event, but I'm going to keep that a secret ;-) Check out the video below!

If you have a chance to go to any Eventbrite sponsored events I highly recommend it. Great people, great food and drinks, great activities! If you're in the Boston area and looking to get the scoop on any great events in the area follow Sara on Twitter @BriteBoston.

PAX East: Polaris, Maker Studios

I had the extreme privilege of working with the Polaris Channel on youtube, owned by Maker Studios, over PAX East weekend. They needed a couple of local freelance editors to turn around the 8+ videos per day. They shot during the day at PAX, and the lovely Missy Allard, of The Film Shack, and I edited overnight. We did so happily for three days in a row. Like vampires! Without the coffin part. We had a great time and turned around what I think is an impressive amount of work during that time. See all of my work below!

Blogilates Boston Meetup

Sarah Dussault of continues to be a constant joy to work with and film, (for about a year and a half now!) and other countless wonderful jobs I have received are the direct result of her! Not only am I now editing roughly 4 episodes a month for Rebekah Borucki of as part of her Style Me Fit series, but earlier this year I filmed around 200 exercises for Steve Kamb of  and his new fitness app. Most recently, I was lucky enough to catch Cassey Ho as she swung through her old stomping ground Boston for a meet up at Simmons College. The talented Elliot Wish accompanied me on this expedition as my second cameraman, where we filmed Cassey and her around 500 fans doing some POP Pilates and meeting each other afterwards. I was touched by the kindheartedness and devotion of Cassey’s fans. I interviewed around twenty people and everyone eager to get a chance to tell Cassey how much they love her and what a positive impact she has had on their life. The feeling is clearly mutual, as Cassey stayed for 4 HOURS signing autographs and taking pictures. She took her time with everyone and personalized each autograph. That is some devotion. It was a great event to film and I love how the final video turned out which you can see above.

BTBTV Presents

Before this fall I knew absolutely nothing about cyclocross racing. But by this time next year I don’t think I’ll be able to say that anymore, because I joined the Behind the Barriers Team!

Sam Smith, who I know back from doing my internship at Rule Boston Camera, one night asked me if I could edit a 40 minute sports news show with commercial breaks in two days. I had never done that but I decided after some long thinking that it was possible! And after 25 hours of work we had ourselves a successful pilot episode. Check out our latest episode below and be sure to look at all the other shows part of the network at

To say this is difficult is an understatement. It has been a learning process for all of us, but after a few weeks of work I feel like we’ve finally hit our stride as a production team. How is it physically possible to edit a 40 minute – 1 hour show in two days?

First of all, the technology helps a lot.

Thunderbolt ports for dumping the footage cuts the data transfer time by over 50%, so the poor camera person (doubling as the DIT) can sleep a little more.

The boys at BTBTV bought a fabulous 27″ iMac with a 3.7GHz quad core processor, 32gb of RAM, and a graphics card with 2GB of VRAM

Premiere Pro, the light of my life, the editing platform that I love, natively reads the .MXF files from the Sony PMW100 (among many other cameras). Yes, while it does have to process the files and generate the preview files in the background, it is considerably faster than transcoding the footage.

Aside from a fabulous program and computer, the real key here is the file organization folks. Sean English the wonderful Director of Photography whom I also knew from interning at Rule Boston Camera, has been a key role in making sure the 5 cameras have consistently named file structures and are synced using timecode before the start of filming any races. It definitely took a couple episodes to get the kinks worked out (which meant some crazy overtime) but afterwards it has worked fantastically. Here is what it looks like when the footage is all dumped, and just to give you an idea of the scope of this, each episode is 500gb + of raw data.

After the footage is dumped, the lovely Camera Person/DIT brings it in to my Premiere Template and organizes the footage in to the bins, so acting a bit as an Assistant Editor as well.

Then I come in Monday morning at 7:30, sync up the 4 races using multiclip. Each race has 5 cameras running simultaneously and all roughly an hour long each. That’s around 20 hours of footage! I then watch those races for the remainder of the day and whittle them down to 4-6 minutes per race. Then Colt the writer, director, producer, host of the show comes in and records his voice over and I do some light prep work for the following day. This usually consists of syncing any two camera interviews, and putting each interview on the proper timeline for its segment in the show. I edit the entire show in segments on different timelines, and then when I’m done I nest all those timelines into a larger timeline. It’s really the only way to stay organized and not lose footage in a shuffle or delete, at least I have found for myself.

Day 2, I come in 7:30, put the Voice Overs on the Races and balance out the natural sound from the cameras and finally I have the first half of the show edited! But then I go through all the interviews, cut out the ums, balance the audio, color correct anything glaring, cover them with a bit of b-roll and then move on to honestly the hardest part of the two days.

By 5:30-6pm we’re hopefully watching the episode and placing markers for any weird occurrences or things that need to be addressed. Then for the last half hour of the day I fix everything like the speediest tiredest person in the world. In perfect world I would have another day to tweak, fix, and perfect, but people need their cyclocross content ASAP!

There you have it, a roughly hour long show edited in 2 days.

Am I a Doctor Yet?

As I continue my work with Last Minute Productions in Needham, I find my vocabulary of medical terms rapidly expanding. They are a wonderful production company that works with many businesses in the area and numerous hospitals and health institutions. Through them in the past month I have edited a radio spot for Beth Israel Deaconess, a series of videos for Tufts Medical Center, Joslin Diabetes Center, Lahey Health, and Tour for Diversity in Medicine. After editing so much I can safely say I know how to apply to medical school and get in, what some of the health risks are that come with diabetes, what it means to be a team leader at a Lahey Health Clinic, and how lovely the staff is at the Tufts Medical Center Obstetrics unit. In addition to that I’ve devoted a large chunk of time editing for Harvard Medical School’s Visiting Clerkship Program. The program gives an opportunity to potential medical students looking to make the next step in their career by visiting Harvard Medical School. I edited a full informational video as well as several FAQ videos. Watch one below and observe my wonderful editing, lower thirds, opening title, and color correction.

Thanks Last Minute for the awesome projects so far! Looking forward to more.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program please visit the Visiting Clerkship’s youtube page for additional videos or their website.

New Shows and Episodes

Very exciting news, last week Rebekah Boroucki from Bex Life just launched her new series on her youtube channel called Strong and Slim by Summer with Bex and Yulady. I created the opening title sequence for this beginners yoga series about getting ready for bikini season! I even followed along with the first episode. Check out some yoga and my simple and elegant title sequence below.

In other news, my continued work with Sarah Dussault of SarahFit has resulted in a fabulous video. Sarah used her journalism skills and uncovered some disturbing facts about a company that may or may not have hatched a devious business plan. I urge you to watch the video to draw your own conclusion, oh yeah and to admire my camera, editing, and motion graphics abilities.

The Girl Who Got A Wacom Tablet

About a month ago my wonderful boyfriend and talented composer Michael Worthley surprised me with a Wacom Tablet out the blue! I had told him about how I’m trying to improve and expand upon my animation and graphic design skills and how a Wacom Tablet could help with that. So he went out and bought it for me. What a nice guy! I’ve been fiddling around with it ever since and after drawing what can only be described as a 3rd grader’s version of a sunset I felt I had the hang of the thing. So, I drew a mock poster, for the sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire. I drew all of this using the Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL-470 Tablet. The only thing I stole was the fire. The face is all freehand. Click to view it in full size.

More Fitness and My Cameo on Sarah Fit!

I have recently had the pleasure of working with Rebekah of and Lauren Hefez of They both commissioned me to make trailers for their respective channels. Both were absolutely wonderful to work with, and I’m very happy with how these turned out. Take a look!

In other fitness news, A few weeks ago Sarah of was followed around by a camera crew for a day as part of the show How Are You So Sexy on the channel 3V. Naturally a day in her life sometimes consists of us filming. You get to see me in action filming and saying a few things! Below you can see the full episode of How Are You So Sexy.

Last Minute Editing

Over the past few months I have freelanced frequently for the company Last Minute Productions, in Needham, MA. So far I’ve completed a project for South Shore Hospital, several promos for Havenwood Heights Heritage Continuing Care Facility in Concord, MA, Joslin Health Center’s Diabetes Application called Healthseeker. So if you can’t tell already, Last Minute Productions specializes in corporate and predominantly medical videos. Jay Dobek the owner was joking around about how they would win the medical promo Emmy if the category existed. I think I can agree with that, but I’m a little biased. Check out the first project I ever worked on with them for Lahey Health and an amazing story about a Live Liver Donor!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s breast cancer awareness month! I don’t know why I sound excited about that. It’s not a happy thing. Just be aware guys. It sucks. In honor of breast cancer awareness month New England Baptist Hospital hired Real Cool TV, who in turn hired me, to help  shoot a Pink Glove Video. Basically, each department dances to a popular tune  while wearing the required pink gloves, and enters for a chance to win  $10,000 to improve their hospital, while simultaneously raising breast cancer awareness.

It was a fun day of shooting, and watching all the adorably uncoordinated departments dance. My favorite was by far the construction workers can-can line. Also keep an eye out for the silly crane shot. It’s awesome.

Don't Major in Debt

A series of PSA’s I shot back in May just got a nice write up from Larry Dobow of The PSA’s are from a campaign called Don’t Major in Debt intended to inform college aged students and the general public about the all too common perils of taking on student loans. As Dobow points out in his article the PSA’s are not about sensationalizing the topic, simply about telling it through real life experiences anywhere from the most extreme of circumstances to the most average. This is topic I care passionately about with so many friends having found themselves in difficult and inconvenient situations after graduating from college, a massive achievement, only to be bogged down by the weight of owing a private company anywhere from $20,00-$120,000. These PSA’s are there to teach how you can live with debt or try and avoid it all together.  Check out one of my friend Josh, which Dobow mentions by name in his article. Also, here is the website with the full campaign on it.

A Youtube Partnership

A while ago Sarah Dussualt (, a local Boston fitness guru with hundreds of youtube videos graciously selected me to be her videographer and editor. Since then, I have been filming and editing a new video every week. For our first large project we were invited to cover the New England Revolution soccer team for a press event where Sarah got to scrimmage with the pros. You can find that video and many more on her channel. Check out our most recent video below and browse around to see some our collaborations so far!

EVVY Awards Nominations for Most Likely

The accolades for Most Likely continue to roll in with two nominations picked up at Emerson’s 31st Annual Evvy Awards. The wonderful Melina Chadbourne, who plays Alice Darren the star of Most Likely, has been nominated for Best Actress for Film or Television. I have been nominated for Best Editing. The night should be a glittery and crowded affair hopefully with some little statues for the Most Likely crew at the end of it all. You can check out the full nominee list here. Wish us luck!

Dr. Marcia Robbins Women in Film Award

Last week I attended the Emerson LA Showcase where they screening my short film “Most Likely” to an audience of around two-hundred people amongst a program of 4 other fantastic films. I was super surprised when they awarded me the Dr. Marcia Robbins-Wilf ’71 Women in Film Production Award, for being an awesome female filmmaker. Thank you to whoever thought that was a good idea! You can read more about the event here on the Emerson Website. 

Stanley a Short Film in Pomegranate Film Festival

This is a bit of a throwback, but it is press none-the-less. In high school I went to Maine Media Workshops for the summer and met three wonderful people named Abigail Brenker, Lilian Thorpe, and Ivan Hornett. Together  we made the quirky comedy “Stanley” about a man crippled by his inability to make decisions and stuck in a dead end job. I entered it into the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston for their young filmmakers Pomegranate Film Festival. We were accepted to the screening, and The Houston Press decided it was a good idea to interview me about my film for a piece on the event. You can decide whether or not that was a good idea by reading it here.