Don't Major in Debt

A series of PSA’s I shot back in May just got a nice write up from Larry Dobow of The PSA’s are from a campaign called Don’t Major in Debt intended to inform college aged students and the general public about the all too common perils of taking on student loans. As Dobow points out in his article the PSA’s are not about sensationalizing the topic, simply about telling it through real life experiences anywhere from the most extreme of circumstances to the most average. This is topic I care passionately about with so many friends having found themselves in difficult and inconvenient situations after graduating from college, a massive achievement, only to be bogged down by the weight of owing a private company anywhere from $20,00-$120,000. These PSA’s are there to teach how you can live with debt or try and avoid it all together.  Check out one of my friend Josh, which Dobow mentions by name in his article. Also, here is the website with the full campaign on it.