Am I a Doctor Yet?

As I continue my work with Last Minute Productions in Needham, I find my vocabulary of medical terms rapidly expanding. They are a wonderful production company that works with many businesses in the area and numerous hospitals and health institutions. Through them in the past month I have edited a radio spot for Beth Israel Deaconess, a series of videos for Tufts Medical Center, Joslin Diabetes Center, Lahey Health, and Tour for Diversity in Medicine. After editing so much I can safely say I know how to apply to medical school and get in, what some of the health risks are that come with diabetes, what it means to be a team leader at a Lahey Health Clinic, and how lovely the staff is at the Tufts Medical Center Obstetrics unit. In addition to that I’ve devoted a large chunk of time editing for Harvard Medical School’s Visiting Clerkship Program. The program gives an opportunity to potential medical students looking to make the next step in their career by visiting Harvard Medical School. I edited a full informational video as well as several FAQ videos. Watch one below and observe my wonderful editing, lower thirds, opening title, and color correction.

Thanks Last Minute for the awesome projects so far! Looking forward to more.

If you’re interested in learning more about this program please visit the Visiting Clerkship’s youtube page for additional videos or their website.