Raina to the Rescue! Donate Now!

Recently I was fortunate enough to create a video for Raina to the Rescue! A toy that promotes and teaches leadership amongst girls. Mia and Marisa, the brains behind everything, and they have made a toy that I know can surely make a difference and that I hope makes it into girls hands across the world. And I'm not just saying that because they paid me to make their video. As a "bossy" girl myself in a male dominated field, I want nothing more than a few other women working alongside me. I love nerding out on camera gear and the latest adobe updates with the guys, but sometimes I wish I could do the same with a big equal group of guys and girls. Please watch the video and consider donating today on their indiegogo page

This is also the second video collaboration between myself and Melissa Maichle of Essentia Marketing and PR, check out her website essentiamarketingandpr.com.