Marriott Caribbean and Latin American Resorts #fitinparadise

As Sarah Fit and I continue our working relationship every week filming videos in Boston, I often get to sample some wonderful products as a result of working with her. This past summer I was fortunate enough to sample the greatest product of all, a two week tour of Marriott Caribbean and Latin America Resorts. 

For TWO glorious weeks, we flew, swam, ate, and paddle-boarded at some of the most beautiful properties in the Caribbean. Not to make it sound like all fun and games, because we did sweat our butts off shooting 16 videos for the #fitinparadise campaign collaboration with Marriott to highlight the healthy aspects of staying at their resort. Here's the overview: 

My favorite workout video, lizards included. 

My favorite lifestyle video has to be the upbeat and colorful 5 Ways to Eat a Mango we filmed at St. Kitts.